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I have the smallest bathroom in the world! It forms a tiny space tucked away at the back of the house almost as an afterthought. My shin bangs into the minute excuse for a vanity every time I use the loo and the pedestal sink always ends up soaked from the shower!

Los Angeles bathroom remodeling

Modern bathroom interior with big cabinet and two mirrors in soft ivory room with tile floor and window

Little wonder that I always dream of a huge, luxurious spa-like bathroom where I can indulge myself to my heart’s content. But one look at the minuscule floor area and I know that this is one dream that will never see the light of the day.

Yet, even the tiny bath was long overdue for an overhaul and I finally commissioned RAP Construction Group for the remodeling. Despite everything, I just couldn’t resist asking the contractor to design a lush and roomier bathroom in the limited space. Imagine my surprise when the guy did not laugh in my face and actually agreed to do the best possible. I did warn him that I did not want to tear down any walls as the structure was already quite old.

One of the first suggestions was the use of light colors, accent lighting and mirrors to give the feeling of more space. Other space-saving plans such as scaling down the sink, stacking shelves beside the mirror and in-shower storage actually worked wonders. We were even able to accommodate a decent shower cubicle in place of the confined open shower of earlier.

With the professional Los Angeles bathroom remodeling, my bathroom finally looks refreshed and dramatically bigger too!

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