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The Best Laid Plans

Every home owner has a pocket and none of them would appreciate holes in it. So, most home owners work with a budget in times of bathroom remodeling, Los Angeles. However, more often than not, this budget crosses the pre-determined limits and burdens the homeowner’s pockets significantly. To avoid such a situation, here’s what you can do: Before you give in to the temptation of remodeling your bathroom, pulling out the tiles, the flooring and others, it is advisable to chalk out a ... Read more

Enter a “NEW” Bath with RAP

Tired of putting up with the old bathroom, inefficient fixtures, outdated décor and old layout? Why not go for Los Angeles bathroom remodeling? If you are going to live in this house for a few good years, then you deserve to enjoy a better bathroom. Well, if you are planning to shift in the future, the renovated bathroom will not only be a great change for you, but will also increase the value of your home. Either way, bathroom remodeling is ... Read more

The Checklist for Choosing the Right Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Want to remodel your bathroom? Drowned in the ocean of contractor names, reviews (both good and bad), and references and of course, the “Google” list?   With an intention to add appeal to your bathroom, you definitely cannot risk going wrong. So, for a successful Los Angeles bathroom remodeling project, choosing the right contractor is a must. Here’s how you can choose the right bathroom remodeling contractor from the many. Once done wrong, bathroom remodeling may cost hundreds of collars to rectify the errors. It ... Read more

Small Bathroom Made Big

I have the smallest bathroom in the world! It forms a tiny space tucked away at the back of the house almost as an afterthought. My shin bangs into the minute excuse for a vanity every time I use the loo and the pedestal sink always ends up soaked from the shower! Little wonder that I always dream of a huge, luxurious spa-like bathroom where I can indulge myself to my heart’s content. But one look at the minuscule floor area and ... Read more

5 Tips to Organize Your Bathroom Space

Have you ever had a feeling that you can’t find anything you’re looking for in the morning before you have to rush out of the door to be stuck in the L.A. traffic? Time is money. Why wasting time in looking for things in your bathroom? When you have a well-organized bathroom, your life somehow turns to be less hectic. You don’t the bathroom remodeling right away to enjoy your private space. By using a few tips below, you can enjoy your ... Read more
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