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Small Bathroom Made Big

I have the smallest bathroom in the world! It forms a tiny space tucked away at the back of the house almost as an afterthought. My shin bangs into the minute excuse for a vanity every time I use the loo and the pedestal sink always ends up soaked from the shower! Little wonder that I always dream of a huge, luxurious spa-like bathroom where I can indulge myself to my heart’s content. But one look at the minuscule floor area and ... Read more

$500 Off Landscape or Drought Resistant Landscaping | For this Mother’s Day Only

If you can afford to give your mom a whole new garden, why only give her flowers on this Mother’s Day? RAP Construction Group offers $500 off regular landscaping service or drought resistant landscaping. To make this deal sweeter, you will receive an extra $100 Home Depot or Sephora gift card for yourself! This is a great opportunity to show your love and appreciation for your mom. With the water conservation issue arising, this is the turning point to have a new water-wise ... Read more

5 Tips to Organize Your Bathroom Space

Have you ever had a feeling that you can’t find anything you’re looking for in the morning before you have to rush out of the door to be stuck in the L.A. traffic? Time is money. Why wasting time in looking for things in your bathroom? When you have a well-organized bathroom, your life somehow turns to be less hectic. You don’t the bathroom remodeling right away to enjoy your private space. By using a few tips below, you can enjoy your ... Read more

Hello world! Welcome to Los Angeles Home Remodeling blogs!

Welcome to by RAP Construction Group's Los Angeles home remodeling blog posts world. We're so exciting to join us at our blog, where we share all our ideas, inspirations about home remodeling, bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, room addition, landscaping, etc. Last but not least, we share our passion for life! Read more
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